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Emma Lucas

The nexus between environment, emotion and spatial cognition

Misha Rowell – Bachelor of Science (Honours) at James Cook University. The Wet Tropics is a world heritage biodiversity hotspot. However, human pressures and environmental change is increasing and animals […]

Tropical rainforest plant water relations and vegetation dynamics

Deborah Apgaua – Ph.D F/Time at James Cook University. Many scientists fear that increasing drought or climate change events will threaten the future of tropical rainforest communities. In an earlier […]

Rainforest Ecological Succession

Ecological Succession Explained Ecological succession is a phenomenon which occurs after a disturbance in the rainforest. Disturbance’s can take on many forms in the Wet Tropics, with cyclones being the most common and being a major contributor to the start of ecological succession. Occasionally, fires clear large areas of vegetation and were previously […]