EarthCheck Master

Skyrail has been awarded with EarthCheck Certified’s highest accolade - Master Certification - for demonstrating more than 15 years of commitment to the highest standards of sustainable environmental performance.

Skyrail was the first tourism operator in the world to achieve EarthCheck Certification and is one of less than ten EarthCheck Masters in the world.

Advanced Ecotourism & Climate Action Innovator

Skyrail has achieved Advanced Ecotourism and Climate Action Innovator certifications. These independent assessments recognise Skyrail as an innovative leader, committed to environmental best practice and conservation and providing guests with the opportunity to learn about the environment.

The Climate Action Certification program is dedicated to reducing carbon emissions and assuring travellers that certified products are backed by a commitment to sustainable practices related to addressing climate change. Skyrail achieved Climate Action Innovator status by undertaking a set of adaption and emissions reduction initiatives.