Cableway Facts

  • The cableway is 7.5 kilometres (4.7 miles) long.
  • It has a total of 103 regular gondola cabins, each capable of seating 6 passengers and 11 Diamond View gondolas, each capable of seating 5 passengers. This combined provides a carrying capacity of approximately 650 passengers per hour in each direction.
  • The cableway can operate at a speed of five metres per second (18 kilometres per hour, or 11 miles per hour); however its normal operating speed is much slower to provide guests with the maximum time to enjoy their rainforest experience.
  • There are 32 towers in total. The highest tower is 40.5 metres (133 feet) high.
  • Barron Falls houses an impressive steel and glass cantilever structure known as The Edge Lookout. Providing unimpeded panoramic views of the ancient landscape spanning across the waterfall, down along the Barron Gorge. It also features a transparent section of boardwalk suspended some 160 metres above the Gorge.
  • The steepest section of the cableway has a slope of 19 degrees.
  • Skyrail Rainforest Cableway has 15 kilometres of 40.5mm galvanised steel rope weighing more than the equivalent of 100 sedan cars.
  • There is a multi-core communications cable which runs in the middle of the towers, between the two lines of haul rope. This carries all the voice and safety circuit communications.
  • The cableway is driven by a 383kW (500hp) D.C Electric Motor located at each drive station, the Kuranda and Smithfield Stations. Each drive station has a back-up diesel motor and a further auxiliary Hydrostatic Drive.