Skyrail Nature Diary

Figs, Flames and Mangos - The Rainforest hots up!

It’s warming up in Tropical North Queensland and as we roll into summer there are a multitude of new fruits and flowers beginning to appear in Australia’s World Heritage listed Tropical Rainforests. Species that are becoming particularly active in November are the Flame... read more

Rainforest Fruits

As September marked the start of the official flowering season in Australia's Tropical Rainforests, it follows that October heralds the arrival of some of the rainforests' many fruits. Examples of the more interesting species you might see fruiting this month include the White... read more

Springtime Blooms

September is the official start of the flowering season in Australia's Tropical Rainforests, as our native plants get ready for the on-set of the annual 'wet' season. Generally speaking, most rainforest flowers are small and difficult to spot amongst the canopy and... read more

Winter Wonders...

Australia’s World Heritage listed Tropical Rainforests boast some of the most beautiful and perfumed flowers in the world, some of the most interesting of which grow on vines and orchids and are blooming right now! Orchids are hardy plants which flourish in both the lowland... read more

A Cloak Of Green To Keep Out The Cold

Unlike the deciduous forests of the world's colder climes, most of species found in Australia's Tropical Rainforests retain their leaves during winter preserving their cloak of green around the region's lowlands and mountains. Indeed far from being bare, many rainforest... read more

Rain brings a new lease of life

What a wet, wet year it has been, in fact, Skyrail Rainforest Cableway's Rangers report that more rain has fallen in the first five months of this year than we received in total for 2003! While the downpour wasn't really enjoyed by the region's human residents, who were... read more

What's going on in our Tropical Rainforests

Fruits, nuts and spiders, while these items may not seem to be a compatible grouping, they do provide the perfect 'what's on' guide to Australia's Tropical Rainforests this month. Some of the rainforest's more distinctive and popular species are fruiting, including the... read more