Skyrail Nature Diary

Festive Flowers

The Flame Tree’s flowers can cover the entire tree with a sea of red, lasting for two or three weeks before they are replaced by numerous seed pods that store a cache of nutritious yellow seeds. Gloves should be used when handling the seeds, as they are covered by a mesh of... read more

The Spectacled Flying Fox: A most social critter

Look to the skies after dusk in November and you're likely to see flocks of the distinctive Spectacled Flying-fox (Pteropus conspicillatus), heading out for a night of feeding and socialising. Like most mammals in Australia's Tropical Rainforests, the Spectacled Flying-fox... read more

October Glory Vine

Being October, it is very apt that we take this opportunity to showcase the simply stunning, October Glory Vine (Faradaya splendida: Lamiaceae). This is a large, energetic, fast growing and spreading rainforest vine, which is best known for its beautifully fragrant, white... read more

Be Cass-o-wary

Cassowaries will not, generally, attack without provocation, however you should not approach a Cassowary when it is nesting or with its chicks. They can jump and kick, which can result in nasty injury and/or death (although the only recorded fatality was in April 1926, near... read more

Blooming Beautiful

Orchid flowers are undoubtedly some of the most beautiful, elaborate and delicate flowers on earth. Varying in size, colour, scent and type, orchids represent approximately 10% of the world’s total flowering plant species. Australia boasts around 660 different species of... read more

Cadaghi: The Rainforest Eucalypt

The attractive flowers are followed by showers of urn-shaped black nuts, which begin to appear later in the year. The nuts are popular with native bees, who collect the resin to build their hives; they also assist with the dissemination of the nuts throughout the rainforest.... read more

Hello Possums...

The Wet Tropics supports the highest possum diversity in Australia, five species of which are found no where else in the world. These cute and cuddly critters are rainforest specialists, but due to habitat, they are mostly a restricted to the rainforest uplands, living in... read more

Ferns: A Link to the Past

Ferns are a reminder of the rainforest’s ancient origins, providing a virtual window on how the world once was, which is one of the contributing factors to the World Heritage listing of Australia’s Tropical Rainforests. Skyrail, a 7.5km cableway travelling through the... read more

Brilliant Rainforest Butterflies

There are two iconic and strikingly beautiful butterflies in Australia’s Tropical Rainforests, the electric blue Ulysses and the dazzling jade, Cairns Birdwing. The Cairns Birdwing (Ornithoptera priamus) has a wingspan of up to 20cm, making it Australia’s largest butterfly;... read more

Rainforest Umbrella

Rainforest resident, popular houseplant or notorious weed; however you label it, the ubiquitous Umbrella Tree (Schefflera actinophylla) is hard to miss in Tropical North Queensland during February and March. While the Umbrella Tree’s fruits are its most eye-catching feature... read more