Skyrail: Green Globe Benchmarked

Skyrail News: June 2007

Skyrail Rainforest Cableway has retained its title as the only Australian company to have achieved Certified status under Green Globe.

Green Globe is the worldwide Benchmarking, Certification and improvement system assisting the international travel and tourism industry to attain sustainability. It provides a certification system that responds directly to the major environmental problems facing the planet, including the greenhouse effect, over-use of freshwater resources and the destruction of biodiversity.

Skyrail was the first tourist attraction in the world to be certified under the updated Green Globe standard in 2002.

This is the highest level of Green Globe participation and reflects Skyrail's commitment to enhancement of the company's environmental, social and economic performance.

To retain its Green Globe benchmarking and certification status, Skyrail participates in external audits on its environmental performance. Recent results revealed that in addition to having a Sustainability Policy in place, all eleven assessed earthcheckTM indicators were above Baseline level.

In addition, the following nine indicators were at or above the Best Practice level: Energy Consumption, Water Consumption, Waste Sent to Landfill, Waste Recycling, Community Contributions, Stormwater Management, Paper Products, Cleaning Products and Pesticide Products.

These results saw Skyrail easily retain its Green Globe Benchmarked status, for the fifth consecutive year, an effort applauded by General Manager of Green Globe International, Jason Keating.

'Skyrail Rainforest Cableway is a prime example of being committed to environmentally sustainable tourism,' Mr Keating said.

'They have demonstrated through a variety of initiatives, that the business and its employees can make a difference by reducing their environmental impact. The commitment they have shown by participating in the Green Globe program and their achievements set an example for other businesses to follow.'

Skyrail General Manager Max Shepherd, was delighted with the results: 'Skyrail Rainforest Cableway is committed to achieving the highest standards of environmental sustainability in its business and operational practices.'

'In addition to providing a unique and world-leading rainforest experience to our guests, Skyrail embraces an ongoing review and improve philosophy in its environmental and business practices: this is reflected in our Green Globe results.'

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