Skyrail Ranger Saves Agile Wallaby

Skyrail News: January 2009

Skyrail Ranger Mel Tortike saved a young Agile Wallaby from drowning yesterday, in the flood waters at Skyrail's Smithfield Terminal.

Agile Wallabies (Macropus agilis) are found throughout tropical Australia, favouring open forests and grasslands close to rivers and streams.

Although they are named 'Agile', these wallabies are not known for their swimming abilities and yesterday could have ended in tragedy for one juvenile wallaby, if it wasn't for the fast actions of Ranger Tortike.

"This young Agile Wallaby must have got caught out in the rising flood waters around Skyrail's Smithfield Terminal," Mr Tortike said.

"The Rangers were checking the lake levels, when we noticed the little juvenile Agile Wallaby stuck up against some trees in the water," he said.

"We know they can't swim very well and I noticed this little girl was struggling to stay afloat, so we fished her out of the debris."

"We took her back to Smithfield Terminal and had her checked out at the local vet, Dr Dorothy J Mclauchlan, who gave her a clean bill of health. We released her back into the wild yesterday afternoon and wish her all the best."

"She took off at a hundred miles an hour, so she certainly looked like she had recovered from her ordeal."

Skyrail General Manager Max Shepherd, praised the quick thinking actions of Ranger Tortike.

"Skyrail Rainforest Cableway is committed to conserving and preserving the flora and fauna in all of its operating areas," Mr Shepherd said.

"Our Rangers are dedicated to their work: this is a fine example of the many good deeds they do throughout their daily roles here at Skyrail," he said.

"We commend Ranger Tortike for his quick thinking actions and dedication to the fauna of the local area; in dragging her out of the debris and floodwaters, he undoubtedly saved the wallaby's life."

"The Agile Wallaby was released into the foothills behind Skyrail's Smithfield Terminal, so I am sure we will see her again sometime in the future."

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