Skyrail Celebrates 16 Candles

Skyrail News: August 2011

On 31 August 2011, Skyrail celebrated 16 years of showcasing Tropical North Queensland’s World Heritage listed rainforest to visitors from all across the world. Now an Australian icon, Skyrail has been the proud recipient of over 20 major awards and has been recognised both domestically and internationally for the valuable contribution made to sustainable tourism.

Perhaps one of the greatest achievements however is the solid, reliable, hardworking team who consistently go that extra mile to ensure that Skyrail is a well presented, enjoyable, and informative customer focussed experience. With a total staff of 100, a staggering 24 have been employed at Skyrail for five years or greater whilst 16 have been with the company for ten years plus.

Leisje Proud commenced employment with Skyrail as Reservations Supervisor on 7 August 1995, before the cableway was even open to the public. Having held several positions since then, Leisje credits the key ingredient of Skyrail’s recipe for success as being the staff. "Skyrail strives to achieve a culture of cooperation, teamwork and communications and really supports personal development" said Ms Proud. "With five years in Reservations, four in Administration and the past seven as Personal Assistant to the General Manager, I’ve watched the company grow into the success it is today" said Leisje. "I did leave once and was treated to a lovely farewell dinner and a presentation. I only lasted eight weeks without Skyrail and had to return, we missed each other too much" reflects Ms Proud.

"Skyrail has adopted a positive, balanced, supportive approach to business and aims to ensure that every single staff member gains as much job satisfaction from their role as possible" said Stan Kielbaska, General Manager at Skyrail. "Leisje is one of a growing number of staff members who are with us for the long haul which to me is a true indicator of a successful business" commented Mr Kielbaska.

 "We have all worked extremely hard to ensure not only do our customers have an amazing day on the cableway, but that they leave with more of an understanding of the importance of the rainforest to our ecosystem" said Mr Kielbaska.

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