Skyrail Rainforest Foundation Celebrates 10 years

Skyrail News: September 2015

The Skyrail Rainforest Foundation celebrates 10 years of fundraising and distribution on 29th September 2015. Launched primarily with the objective of supporting tropical research and education, the foundation has distributed more than $330,000 to numerous projects to date. The Foundation's vision is "The protection of tropical rainforests worldwide through sound management, understanding and appreciation through research and education." Funding favours projects with a specific focus on impacts of flora, fauna, ecosystem recovery, revegetation and ongoing management programs rare and threatened species.

One such bursary was awarded to Robert Puschendorf who went on to discover that the Armoured Mist Frog which had previously thought to be extinct for 17 years, was in fact still in existence. The sharing of knowledge and outcomes creates real benefits for Australian Tropical Rainforests in terms of strategic management of the area. In 2008, the SRF donated $50,000 towards several research initiatives collectively known as the ‘Cyclone Larry Project’ (tree and wildlife recovery studies following the cyclone). Other projects include microbat research, impacts of roads, rainforest phenology and evolution of the rainforest canopy. The next round of funding opens in April 2016. Successful applicants will receive $5,000 for PhD and Masters projects whilst honours students are awarded $2,000.

You too can be a member of the Skyrail Rainforest Foundation and not only contribute to ongoing research and education, but enjoy discounts on local tourist attractions including 50% off Skyrail. A Skyrail Rainforest Foundation annual membership costs $30, whilst to join for five years is only $120. To find out more about becoming a member or making a donation, please call 07 4042 2200 or visit the foundation donations page

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