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Family Fun

A family day out with Skyrail

Popular with children and adults alike, exploring the ancient rainforest with Skyrail is a brilliant family day out.

Spend time with your nearest and dearest soaring across the treetops of the famous ancient rainforest. Admire the stunning scenic views of the Cairns region, out to the Coral Sea and across the expansive canopy of the Wet Tropics Rainforest, the oldest tropical rainforest on Earth.

Photo by Lauren Russo

Tell your children to keep their eyes peeled for a few rainforest friends. The vibrant blue Ulysses butterfly, pythons, tree-kangaroos and freshwater crocodiles have all been spotted from the Skyrail gondolas. While your children search, make sure you sit back, relax and take in the stunning tropical views over the never-ending sea of green.

Family Fun on the Jungle Floor


Descend below the canopy and discover life on the jungle floor at our two stops, Red Peak and Barron Falls.


Wander through the short rainforest boardwalks of Red Peak, an otherwise inaccessible area of the rainforest. Feel dwarfed by our rainforest giants and be sure to join a complimentary ranger guided tour. Our friendly and passionate rangers are overflowing with information to share and are a hit with children and parents alike.


Skyrail’s ranger guided tours depart regularly from Red Peak and will teach your family all about the rainforest’s epic battle for survival and the never-ending fight for light.

    Complimentary Ranger Guided Tours at Red Peak

    Afterwards, explore the engaging Rainforest Discovery Zone that details the Wet Tropics Rainforest’s incredible story of survival over an outstanding 130 million years. Challenge your children to find the wackiest fact about the rainforest before snapping a cute family picture with our resident cassowary sculpture.


    At Barron Falls, enjoy a short boardwalk through the rainforest to The Edge Lookout. This impressive structure allows Skyrail guests to get closer than ever before to the famous Barron Falls. While beautiful any time of the year, in the wet season, feel the falls’ full power as it thunders down into the valley below and envelops you in mist.

    Photo by Jorjah Patteson.

    The Edge Lookout offers awe-inspiring panoramic views across and into the rainforest lined Barron Gorge. Show your children a unique perspective, not found anywhere else in Cairns, of a landscape that took millions of years to form.

    Any dare devils in your family? We officially invite them to test their nerves on the glass section of The Edge Lookout suspended some 160 metres above the gorge floor. Who out of your family is willing to stand there the longest?

    There is no set length of time to spend at Skyrail and you can enjoy the rainforest at your family’s own pace.

    Photo by Hello Antara.

    Enhance the Fun with the Skyrail Interpretive App


    Enhance your rainforest experience by downloading the Skyrail Interpretive App & Audio Guide. The Audio Guide feature uses GPS technology to provide you an abundance of knowledge about the environment around you. A quick and easy answer to the millions of “what’s thaaaaaat?” questions you’re sure to be asked.


    The Augmented Reality feature is a hit with children (and we can’t deny, adults as well). Use your phone to make cassowaries, snakes and butterflies appear right in front of your eyes!


    You can learn about the many features of the Skyrail Interpretive App on our blog.

    Augmented Reality on the Skyrail Interpretive App & Audio Guide

    The Family Fun Continues


    The family fun doesn’t stop at Skyrail with a range of family friendly activities to enjoy in Kuranda, the Village in the Rainforest. 


    Add a Kuranda Wildlife Experience to your Skyrail journey to explore the Australian Butterfly Sanctuary, Birdworld Kuranda and the Kuranda Koala Gardens with your family.

    Photo by Kyanger.

    Family Fun with Skyrail Rainforest Cableway


    Skyrail prides itself on being accessible to people of all ages and abilities. The entire Skyrail experience is wheelchair, pram and stroller accessible. This includes the Skyrail gondolas that are able to accommodate for most types of wheelchairs and prams. Our friendly Skyrail attendants are more than happy to stop or slow down the cableway to ease in embarking or disembarking at each platform.

    We look forward to seeing your family explore #TheAncientRainforest with Skyrail soon!