Crocodiles in Kuranda

Encounter a Crocodile in Kuranda


We’ve all heard the saying ‘never smile at a crocodile…’ But while exploring Kuranda, you can get up close and personal in a variety of different ways!

Are you ready? Here are our top 9 picks for crocodile encounters  in Kuranda.

1. Find Unlikely Friendships.

Opposites attract, right? Photograph freshwater crocodiles getting friendly with turtles while cruising the Barron River with Kuranda

Skyrail Staff Group Shot

2. Get the T-Shirt!

Embellish your holiday tales to your friends and family back home! Take home an Australian Crocodile Catchers Club shirt from the The T-Shirt Shop. It’s complete with rips and blood stains to authenticate your tale.


3. Spice up your Kuranda Visit.

With a Sri Lankan Crocodile Curry at Frogs Restaurant.

4. Count the Teeth.

Count the teeth on a crocodile stuffed by Speewah Taxidermist Chris Hannam at Coral Coast Leather.

5. Meet Jack the Ripper.

Visit Rainforestation to see Jack the Ripper, a 5m saltwater crocodile weighing 650kg with a reputation for killing 12 of his girlfriends!

6. Count all the Crocs!

Be assured of a crocodile sighting at Kuranda Koala Gardens. The wildlife park is home to 18 freshwater crocodiles!


7. Test your Windpipes.

Test your windpipes on a didgeridoo featuring a crocodile at Doongal Aboriginal Art & Artifacts. Admire the artwork and skill behind those who craft the didgeridoos. Doongal Aboriginal Art & Artifacts are painted by Atherton Tablelands artists Wirajuri, Koolado and Billawarra.

8. Dress Up.

Adorn yourself with crocodile skin bracelets and tooth necklaces! Or try a crocodile foot backscratcher! These are found at the Australian Bush Store.

9. From Above with Skyrail!

With a heritage dating back some 200 million years, crocodiles are an integral part of our unique rainforest environment and can often be seen sun-baking on the banks of the Barron River as you glide over in your Skyrail Rainforest Cableway gondola.

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