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Skyrail Thrives in Wet Weather

Experience Skyrail on a Rainy Day


A year-round tropical climate is just one of the many benefits of life in Tropical North Queensland and why Cairns experiences thousands of visitors every year.


While Cairns’ typical wet weather season occurs between December and March, misty, wet weather and rainy days are common in Cairns all year round. This makes for a spectacular rainforest experience.

Photo by Jilara Kuch.

On a rainy day, the ancient rainforest truly comes to life with more vivid greens and a mysterious Jurassic Park like feel.


In fact, the mist shrouding the surrounding mountains is often observed by a “This feels like we’re in Jurassic Park!” outcry from Skyrail guests.


While you may feel like you are walking through a movie set, we assure you that this magical environment is, in fact, real life.

If you are unable to shake the out of world mysterious feel the misty weather gives you, you won’t be surprised to learn that the ancient rainforest was the inspiration for the jungle overview scenes in the blockbuster sensation Avatar.


As Avatar’s designer Dylan Cole said himself, “for the jungle over views, I used photos that I had taken from the Kuranda Skyrail near Cairns, Australia” and we can certainly see what spiked his imagination.

The Rainforest Thrives in Wet Weather


As can be seen in wet weather, the clouds hanging low across the surrounding landscape are not only beautiful, but also serves an important purpose for the rainforest.


‘Cloud Stripping’ is a term used to describe how the trees strip out the moisture from clouds and explain why our rivers and creeks flow all year round.


This interesting phenomenon was actually first discovered at Skyrail’s Red Peak and you can read all about Cloud Stripping on our blog.

It’s not only the plants of the rainforest that rejoice in the rain, wet weather also means a more active wildlife. After all being residents of the forest means they love the rain.


For those eager to spot a few rainforest creatures while journeying with Skyrail, listen out for the Rain Whistling Frog. While they may be small, their high whistle is easily heard as you glide across the canopy.

Rain Whistling Frog. Photo by Tim Hackwood.

The Jungle Floor and Wet Weather


The beauty continues down below the rainforest canopy and Skyrail’s two jungle floor stops are simply awe-inspiring in wet weather. On a rainy day, the mist hugging the undergrowth captures and filters any sunlight that peaks on through giving off an eerie yet beautiful feel to the forest floor.

Complimentary umbrellas available at Skyrail.

On a rainy day especially, be sure to explore the easy access board walks at Red Peak and Barron Falls. Complimentary umbrellas are provided to ensure all guests can spend as long as they like admiring the rainforest giants from below.


Don’t forget to join a complimentary ranger guided tour at Red Peak and gain fascinating insights on how the rain brings the rainforest to life.

Feel the Prehistoric Landscape


One of the many reasons this rainforest was World Heritage listed in 1988 is due to representing a major stage in the Earth’s evolutionary history.


Home to the oldest tropical rainforest on Earth, this rainforest provides an insight into the way the world once was millions of years in the past. Walking through this prehistoric landscape on a wet weather day in the mist certainly feels like you have stepped back in time and allows you to appreciate just how special this green pocket of Australia is.


Explore this ancient environment for yourself next time you are in Tropical North Queensland and see why Skyrail thrives in wet weather! We look forward to welcoming you to #TheAncientRainforest soon!

Photo by Kevin Parise.