Red Peak

Descend through the canopy of the world’s oldest tropical rainforest to explore one of the most intriguing and isolated pockets of rainforest on Earth, where unique plants and animals have survived the forces of nature and time.

But be warned…it’s a jungle down there!

<span>Skyrail Rainforest Discovery Zone</span>
Navigate the evolutionary history of the Earth at the Red Peak Rainforest Discovery Zone

This is the domain of lush fern gardens, climbing palms, suspended epiphytes and imposing rainforest giants, all of which are in constant competition for life-giving light.

Gain a first-hand insight into this ancient landscape from our rangers who will guide you along the rainforest boardwalk that meanders through the dense understory. Their intimate knowledge of the area will bring the fascinating story of the rainforest to life.

Red Peak Station
Complimentary boardwalk tours are facilitated at Red Peak Station by Skyrail Rangers

Explore the Rainforest Discovery Zone and unlock the secrets of this mystical landscape whose prehistoric ancestry dates back approximately 130 million years. Read more

Navigate the evolutionary history of the Earth via the illuminated timeline that snakes its way along the ceiling; discover the amazing facts, flora and fauna of the rainforest contained within the large, floor to ceiling interpretive panels; step inside Australia’s most realistic jungle habitat of the primordial cassowary.

This is an exclusive rainforest experience not to be missed so allow yourself enough time to encounter, discover and immerse yourself in this fascinating living museum.

At 545 metres (1788 feet) above sea level, Red Peak Station is the highest point of your rainforest journey. It is approximately 10 minutes from the Smithfield Terminal and approximately 15 minutes from the Barron Falls Station.

To Barron Falls Station

Maintenance Works: Red Peak & Barron Falls Boardwalks

Skyrail Rainforest Cableway will commence boardwalk maintenance works at Red Peak and Barron Falls on May 17, 2019. During these ongoing works, short sections of the boardwalk will be closed, however the majority will remain accessible at all times, minimising disruption to our customer experience. Our complimentary Ranger Guided Tours at Red Peak will continue, as will access to the Rainforest Discovery Zone. The Edge Lookout and CSIRO Rainforest Interpretation Centre at Barron Falls, will not be impacted. Restroom facilities at Red Peak and Barron Falls will remain fully accessible during these works. We apologise for any inconvenience and look forward to delivering an enhanced visitor experience in the near future.