Red Peak Station

Descend through the canopy to Red Peak Station where you’ll leave your gondola to explore the ancient rainforest environment via the 175 metre boardwalk loop.

Red Peak Station
Endless rainforest vistas surround Red Peak Station

Plan to spend 20 - 30 minutes to enjoy all that the station has to offer.

Make the most of your visit by joining the complimentary boardwalk tours that are facilitated by our Skyrail Rangers regularly throughout the day. Their intimate knowledge of the area will help you see the rainforest as never before.

Red Peak Station
Complimentary boardwalk tours are facilitated at Red Peak Station by Skyrail Rangers

Become immersed in your surroundings where lush fern gardens, climbing palms and ancient rainforest giants feature prominently. Read more

Enhancing your experience even further is the informative interpretive signage located at regular intervals along the boardwalk, and the lookout that is perfect for photos against a backdrop of endless rainforest vistas.

Keep an eye out for some of our famous rainforest residents including the electric blue Ulysses butterfly; the intriguing tree kangaroo; its ancient ancestor, the musky rat kangaroo; or the primordial cassowary.

At 545 metres (1788 feet) above sea level, Red Peak Station is the highest point of your rainforest journey. It is approximately 10 minutes from the Smithfield Terminal and approximately 15 minutes from the Barron Falls Station.

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