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The Skyrail Interpretive App and Audio Guide has officially launched! Using GPS technology and an innovative design, the Skyrail app allows you to fully immerse yourself in the ancient rainforest’s remarkable story of survival over an outstanding 130 million years.

Unlock this ancient landscape’s many secrets and gain fascinating insights about the world’s oldest tropical rainforest when you download the Skyrail app. Want to learn more? Read on…

Audio Tour

Receive precisely timed commentary of the flora and fauna you are experiencing as you journey through the ancient rainforest. Discover how the rainforest is related to the famous Great Barrier Reef and how Barron Gorge once rivalled the mighty Andes Range of today.

The audio tour explains this mysterious prehistoric landscape and how it survived against all possible odds to flourish today as an incredible bio-diverse and fascinating World Heritage listed tropical rainforest.

Once you have entered your Skyrail gondola to embark on your rainforest journey, click on Audio Tour on the app’s main screen. Skyrail App main menuAs you move along the cableway the app, using GPS functionality, automatically plays commentary describing the impressive scenery you are witnessing and it’s important scientific and historical connections. This audio tour provides you with a greater level of awareness and understanding of the rainforest during your experience.

The audio tour complements our popular ranger guided tours at Red Peak. After learning about the impressive history of the rainforest as you glide above the canopy, make sure you join a complimentary ranger guided tour on the forest floor. Our rangers point out the interesting and quirky facets of the rainforest and explain how they have evolved into what you are seeing right before your eyes.


Track your rainforest experience in real time with the Skyrail map. Located under Map on the app’s main screen, you can view your current location and the start and end points of your Skyrail experience. The map also provides helpful information including bathroom and café locations as well as information about the stops along the way.

Experience Overview

Wondering what to expect? Learn more about the Skyrail experience as well as what is included in your journey under the Experience Overview section on the app’s main screen. The Experience Overview section answers most frequently asked questions and helps keep your experience running smoothly from start to finish.

Meet Our Rangers

Skyrail App Meet the RangersGet to know our Skyrail rangers before your visit by viewing the short ranger videos under Meet Our Rangers on the app’s main screen. The Skyrail rangers are very passionate about the ancient rainforest and here you can view a snippet of what you will experience on a ranger guided tour at Red Peak!

Augmented Reality

Use your smartphone to bring butterflies, cassowaries and snakes to life! Keep an eye out at Red Peak and Barron Falls for the Augmented Reality (AR) trigger points. When you find one, click on the AR button under the app’s side menu.

Hold your phone up to the sign and watch as rainforest inhabitants come to life! Whether a snake slithers across your path, a proud cassowary saunters through the undergrowth or a multitude of butterflies fill the air around you, it makes a great photo opportunity and is very popular with young children (and those young-at-heart!). Pass your phone to your companion, pose next to your favourite AR rainforest creature and screenshot to snap the moment!

Skyrail App AR Snake with Ranger Phil at Skyrail's Red Peak

Photo by one of our team members, Agnes Wilson


Looking for further in-depth information about the ancient rainforest and Skyrail? Click on our Blog located on the app’s bottom menu. Here you can read the impressive feat of Skyrail’s construction, find a list of activities to do in Kuranda village, learn about Barron Falls and how the rainforest interacts with the clouds and the rivers. These blogs can also be found on the news section of the Skyrail website.

The Canopy Cafe Menu

Skyrail App Map Smithfield Terminal Canopy CafeBrowse Skyrail’s Canopy Café menu from the Skyrail app.

Located in the Smithfield Terminal, the Canopy Café is teaming with coffees, smoothies, cold drinks, cakes, sandwiches, pastries and more. Find the Canopy Café menu in the Smithfield terminal under the Map on the app’s main page.

While you are at the Canopy Café, did you know you can charge up your devices at our Solar Recharge Station that is located here? The station was created by recycled solar panels (link to blog) and can charge your phone and camera while you sip on a refreshing beverage.

Visitor Survey

Skyrail highly values guest feedback and we encourage you to fill out our anonymous short visitor survey located under Visitor Survey on the app’s side menu.


The Skyrail Interpretive App and Audio Guide is available in English, Chinese and Japanese with more languages to come soon.

Skyrail App Requirements

The Skyrail Interpretive App and Audio Guide is available now on both the App Store and Google Play. Please note it is designed for mobile phones only and the minimum system requirements are iPhone6 and iOS 12.0 and Android version 4.4 (KitKat). Once you have downloaded it onto your phone, be sure to open the app and finish the second stage of the installation process to be able to enjoy using!

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The Skyrail app puts the story of the rainforest directly in your hands, enabling you to discover a prehistoric world and unlock the secrets of this impressive living green museum. We look forward to welcoming you to the ancient rainforest soon!

 Download the Skyrail App on the App Store Google Play Download the Skyrail App

Written by Sarah Latham

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