Recycled Solar Energy

Recycled Solar at Skyrail

Implementation of New Recycled Solar Energy Re-charge Stations

Skyrail is excited to announce the new recycled solar energy re-charge stations at our Smithfield Terminal where guests, like Hipolito from Argentinia, may charge their mobile devices after visiting the Australian rainforest on Skyrail Rainforest Cableway. Guests can also use our free WiFi to upload their holiday snaps to social media or send to friends and family whilst enjoying a coffee in Canopy Cafe.

During a recent upgrade of Skyrails in gondola radio systems we were left with 120 usable second hand solar panels. Perfect to use for a low power consumption renewable energy source such as this charge station. Not only were the solar panels recycled, Skyrail also used aged batteries from the gondolas to run this low demand charging station and  are currently housing these in recycled radio boxes.

The solar panels generate energy from the sun which is stored within the batteries and this power is refined and sent to the charge station to re-charge guests mobile devices in a sustainable way.

Skyrail has enough solar panels and supply of second hand batteries for this project to go on for many years to come providing our guests with clean, free energy. By recycling components from the cableway this also helps to prevent landfill. With such a large supply of recyclable components, Skyrail is planning to further expand these new free charge stations the entire length of the cableway.

Skyrail is committed to the continual improvement of sustainable environmental performance and was the first in the Pacific Region to be honoured EarthCheck Platinum certification.

Skyrail is the only cableway in the world to receive this status. Skyrail has also achieved Advanced Ecotourism and Climate Action Innovator certifications. These independent assessments recognise Skyrail as an innovative leader, committed to environmental best practice and conservation whilst providing guests with the opportunity to learn about the environment and Australia’s Tropical Rainforests.