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This month we'll be looking at the beetles of the Wet Tropics. Beetles are the largest group of animals on the planet with an estimated 300,000 species identified so far. The majority are amazingly less than half a millimetre long. In Barron Gorge quite a few live in the... read more

Student Research Funding Supporting Rainforest Protection, now available!

The Skyrail Rainforest Foundation is offering funding to support student research that enhances the protection of tropical rainforests through better understanding and sustainable practices. Research students will be able to access up to $5,000 for PhD and Research Masters... read more

Rainforest Succession: The pioneers

This month we will be taking a closer look at the ecology of rainforests. As anyone who has visited Skyrail will know, the main message of our boardwalk tour is the constant 'fight for the light' in rainforests. The canopy is extremely dense and does not allow much sunlight to... read more

Symbiosis in the Rainforest

This month we’ll be looking at symbiosis in the rainforest. Symbiosis is the phenomenon of two or more unrelated organisms living together in cooperation. Many people associate symbiosis with animals living together. The clown fish and the sea anemone is a well known example.... read more

Late rains brings on new life

Last month was a surprising one. For a while it looked like we were going to have El Nino but toward the end of the month the monsoon and Cyclone Oswald turned up, drenching us. February may very well turn out wet as well. The stress of the late wet season triggered a few big... read more