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Indigenous Tourism

As recently as 30 years ago, the tourism industry was a vastly different place with far less indigenous Australians looking for careers outside of their communities let alone in tourism. International travellers began to come to our region in increasing numbers however few... read more

Vines in Barron Gorge

This month we will be looking at vines in Barron Gorge. Vines are particularly adaptated to reaching the light at the top of the canopy. The forest floor is generally very dark and little apart from some ferns and saplings grow there. Trees make their own way to the light.... read more

Wet Season

The wet season was a time when life was easier for the Tjapukai aboriginal people who lived in the rainforest as the trees when flowering and fruiting, would attract many animals which the hunters and gatherers knew well. January is also a time of sudden downpours and the... read more

Late Flowering on the Cableway

The Flame Tree is flowering sparsely on the cableway. These beautiful trees have greenish trunks with chlorophyll and maple-like leaves. During flowering, the Flame Tree sheds all it’s leaves and is covered in numerous tiny red bell shaped flowers. The fruits are woody boat... read more

Red Leaves

We are just coming out of our winter so it’s getting hotter as we come into what we could call our spring. Some trees are still covered in red leaves whilst others have become deciduous after their leaves turned red such as the Damsons. Other trees are completely red... read more