Skyrail News

Beautiful Beetles

Beetles really are out and about at this time of the year! Summer commonly brings out the rainforest beetles, with large numbers emerging thanks to the warm weather and lots of rain. Beautiful and highly diverse, beetles are by far the most common type of animal on the... read more

The Butterfly Tree

The Pink Evodia (Melicope elleryana) is a medium sized tree with a wide-spreading dark green crown and fragrant pink flowers. It is also known as “Corkwood”, “Pink-flowered Doughwood” or “Butterfly Tree” due to its butterfly attracting properties. The Pink Evodia attracts... read more

Skyrail: Certified Gold Status

In recognition of its excellent environmental performance, Skyrail Rainforest Cableway has received the prestigious Green Globe Gold Certification. Only 18 groups in the world have achieved this: Skyrail is the only one in Australia. Green Globe Gold is awarded to... read more

Rainforest Pines

The Latin name "Podocarpus Grayae" translates as "foot fruit", and is so called because of its oddly shaped cone that looks similar to a foot. The seeds of the Weeping Brown Pine are poisonous but it has an edible "hat" on top, which turns red when it is ripe. When the... read more

Brush-turkey: The Rainforest Rake

Further showcasing their affinity with all things meteorological, Brush-turkeys can predict storms long before the weather man, and subsequently build a conical cover atop the nest to keep their eggs dry. Eggs often fall prey to burrowing animals such as goannas, but the... read more