Skyrail News

Rainforest Fruits And Flowers Flourish

Australia’s Tropical Rainforests have responded to the wet and humid conditions of the past two months with an exquisite array of flowers and fruits. In particular, the flowering Rose Alder and Black Wattle are splashing colour throughout the canopy, whilst the Leichhardt... read more

Rainforest Blooms

Australia's Tropical Rainforests are responding to our annual 'green' season with a spectacular show of flowers and fruits. Some of the more interesting species you will see in your visits to the rainforests in February and March are the Candle Nuts, Umbrella Trees and Blue... read more

The Rainy Rainforest

Many of these are tall trees, which grow towards the sunlight, with their leaves joining together high above the forest floor to create a closed canopy. The closed canopy also contributes to the humid environment you’ll experience on the forest floor, and the beautiful... read more

Skyrail Attains International Environmental Certification

Skyrail Rainforest Cableway is pleased to announce its attainment of the prestigious GREEN GLOBE 21 Certified status for the third consecutive year. GREEN GLOBE 21 is the global Benchmarking, Certification and improvement system designed to assist and monitor the... read more

Figs, Flames and Mangos - The Rainforest hots up!

It’s warming up in Tropical North Queensland and as we roll into summer there are a multitude of new fruits and flowers beginning to appear in Australia’s World Heritage listed Tropical Rainforests. Species that are becoming particularly active in November are the Flame... read more