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Monotremes - what exactly are they?!

This month we will be looking at monotremes and small marsupials in Barron Gorge National Park. So what exactly are monotremes....? Well put simply, they are the most primitive of all mammals and lay eggs like reptiles and birds. Unlike reptiles and birds, monotremes have fur... read more

Macropods at Skyrail

The Musky Rat Kangaroo is the smallest and most primitive of all the macropods. The feet are very ‘possum like’ and have the original five toes. Instead of hopping on two legs, these cute little fellows bound through the rainforest on all fours most of the time. These... read more


This month we will be looking at weeds occurring along the cableway. This may sound like a strange topic but let’s face it, weeds make up a significant amount of the vegetation and total eradication seems to be impossible. Of course, we do our best to control the weeds in... read more

Flowering on the Cableway

Although there normally aren’t masses of flowers out in June, there seems to be widespread flowering of Red Tulip Oak along both sides of Red Peak. A close relative, Brown Tulip Oak is also flowering on the lower slopes of the front line at Skyrail. The trifoliate leaves... read more


Scientists have shown that Australia was once part of a large landmass they called Gondwanaland, after an area in Africa. Africa, South America, India, Australia (including New Guinea), Antarctica, New Caledonia and New Zealand made up what used to be one supercontinent. Most... read more