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Skyrail has received excellent comments from travellers looking for a wonderful rainforest experience.  Read what some of them have said below.

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"Wonderful to see this World Heritage site - so unique."
Graham and Sally Hutchings, visited from the United Kingdom, March 2019
"Simply Beautiful - wonderful experience not to be missed!"
Charlotte and Pete Ruggori, visited from California USA, March 2019
"Thank you very much. The view is beautiful "
Judy and Chen, visited from Taiwan, March 2019
" 美鸭!(Beautiful!) ♡ 新年快乐 ! (Happy New Year!) "
陈子妤 from China, visited February 2019
"Interesting - I didn't know about the rainforest and now I know very much! It was a beautiful rainforest tour"
Yean Joo & Jessie Jeon from South Korea, visited February 2019
"Great experience! Loved the (Barron) falls in full flood"
Alan Slater from Scotland, visited February 2019
"Best on-land experience in Australia!"
Lucesco Naranjo from Columbia, visited February 2019
"Unique rainforest tour, well preserved view of the world's oldest forest with a fantastic guide service"
Ma Chi from China, visited February 2019
"Beautiful waterfall - heavy rain did wonders!"
Paul and Carol Bostwick, Anaheim California USA, visited February 2019
"Amazing view of the rainforest from a high above perspective"
Jeff and Gail Hazlett from the United States of America, visited February 2019
"Wonderful views! Amazing Waterfall!"
Jim and Liz Quinton from the United Kingdom, visited February 2019
"Expectations exceeded! Thanks for this unique way to view the rainofrest and for the excellent & informative stops enroute - it is high quality!"
Alison Willocks from Delaware, USA, visited January 2019
"Fantastic, Amazing, incredible experience!! Definitely coming back one day..."
D.J.K.L. Siviour from Melbourne Australia, visited January 2019
"Thank you for helping us understand this natural museum"
D Patten & C Jansz from Melbourne Australia, visited January 2019
"So beautiful and peaceful riding above the canopy!"
Carol Moreland from the USA, visited January 2019
"Literally takes my breath away"
Sara Eilers, From the USA, visited January 2019
"Great trip, very informative App"
Wren Jason from Australia, Visited January 2019
"Breathtaking, foggy, loved it in the wet - it was phenominal, spectacular and lush!"
Bierma Family from Perth Australia, visited January 2019
"Great rainforest and great in the rain!"
Mike from China, visited January 2019
"WOW! This is impressive, us and the kids loved it!"
Ben Frankwill from Philadelphia in the USA, visited January 2019
"The true rainforest experience means seeing it all in the rain!"
Yuxuan Wang from Canada, visited December 2018
"It is so amazing how you make this accessible without disrupting the rainforest. Great work!"
Andy Horwits from Charlotte NC USA, visited December 2018
"This was a memorable experience for the whole family"
Brody from Western Australia, visited December 2018
"Very beautiful and easily accessible. Very well ran place!"
Toomey Family from Victoria Australia, visited December 2018
"Well done! Educational and interactive"
R Curosta from Perth Australia, visited December 2018
"Incredible, embracing the beauty of OZ!"
The Shepp's from Kelowna BC, Canada visited November 2018
"Helps us to appreciate the biodiversity of our world"
Carolyn from Australia, visited November 2018
"Awe-inspiring views and a wealth of botany/biology yet to be discovered"
Benjamin D'Souza from United States of America, visited November 2018
"AMAZING! Animals, insects and nature sounds - I love it!"
Joanne Jospeh from Melbourne Australia, visited November 2018
"Fantastic, peaceful and educational"
Garry & Lorraine Schultz from Ontario Canada, visited November 2018
"Thrilling adventure! Conservation at its best!"
Donna Reid from Canada, visited November 2018
"We felt like we were in Jurassic Park!"
The Aria's from the USA, visited November 2018
"Excellent! Amazing Views! The Diamond View upgrade is worth it!"
Komots from Canada, visited November 2018