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Skyrail has received excellent comments from travellers looking for a wonderful rainforest experience.  Read what some of them have said below.

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"Thank you for the informative tours and for providing umbrellas! Wonderful!"
D & S Leng from the United Kingdom visited March 2018
"Absolutely amazing day out! Thank you for the memories"
Rebecca Carr from the United Kingdom visited March 2018
"Beautiful, magical experience!"
The Mills Family from the United Kingdom visited March 2018
"Fantastic opportunity to view nature without much disruption to the ecosystem"
The Chothia Family from South Africa visited March 2018
"The waterfall was beautiful and the view was amazing"
Bella Bruce from Australia visited March 2018
"Very informative, we enjoyed learning more about the rainforest"
Jan McLean from Rockhampton Queensland, Australia visited March 2018
"Fascinating and educational - really interesting"
Stephen Blacklock from the United Kingdom visited March 2018
"Wonderful source of information! Looking forward to returning"
Yiting and Kevin from California USA visited March 2018
"We loved the touch and fee section and the quiz in the Rainforest Information Centre"
The Ranasinghe Family from Victoria Australia, visited April 2018
"Our Ranger Tour Guide was very informative; makes you really appreciate this beautiful country"
Shonel from Australia, visited April 2018
"Wonderful trip. Well planned and laid out to provide an educating insight"
Alastair Munro from Scotland, visited April 2018
"We've loved every second, the guides are fabulous and we loved the variety of things to appreciate"
The MacDonald Family from the USA, visited April 2018
"Thanks for your environmental protection"
Nikki from China visited, April 2018
"Beautiful - thank you for the special experience"
Tony and Bonnie from the USA, visited April 2018
"Great work on educating the public on rainforests!"
Milena from the United Kingdom, visited April 2018
"Breathtaking, Inspiring, Reflective - FUN FUN FUN FUN!"
Ther Ericksons and the Fergos from Sydney Australia, visited May 2018
"Fantastic experience flying above the trees, and very informative - thank you"
Byrne Family from Ireland, visited May 2018
"Third visit in ten years! Always spectacular"
Carol Baker from Australia, visited May 2018
"Great views! An excellent guide at the first stop (Red Peak Rainforest Station)"
Annie, Jess and Anikka from the USA, visited May 2018
"Extremely interesting and enriching - thanks!"
The Klein Family from Australia, visited May 2018
"Spectacular power of Mother Nature"
Sharon Huang from Guangzhou China, visited May 2018
"Blissful & Beautiful - green as far as the eye can see!"
Linda Woodward from Townsville QLD Australia, visited May 2018
"Awesome - so many things to see and so tranquil"
Karen and Adam from Sydney Australia, visited May 2018