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Skyrail has received excellent comments from travellers looking for a wonderful rainforest experience.  Read what some of them have said below.

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"Such a lovely scenic experience."
Connolly Family from Melbourne, Australia visited July 2018
"Loved it a lot. I will never forget it. Amazing."
Lilly from Australia visited July 2018
"Fantastic. So lucky to live in this beautiful country"
Karen & Greg from Australia visited July 2018
"Entraced by the beauty. Love it!"
Ameena from Melbourne, Australia visited July 2018
"Very good and some reasons are: 1. Beautiful trees; 2. Perfect service; 3. A lot of birds."
Jessie from China visited July 2018
"It's a very beautiful place!."
Mia from Germany visited July 2018
"Wonderful views and fantastic experience."
Leon from Australia visited July 2018
"Great way to see the rainforest."
Sam & Sue from Melbourne, Australia visited July 2018
"Gorgeous panoramic views of the rainforest"
Philomena from India visited July 2018
"Incredible views. Amazing experience. Definitely recommend."
Clark Family from Perth, Western Australia visited June 2018
"Love the ecology! Spectacular views - great way to experience the rainforest!!"
Louise & Diana Oppe from London, United Kingdom visited June 2018
"Stunning views. Love the Diamond gondola"
Sonia Cudicio-Bolter from Australia visited June 2018
"Amazing experience - breathtaking views!"
Thomas Group from New Zealand visited June 2018
"Picturesque views and friendly staff! Great experience!!!"
Fran & Matt from the United Kingdom visited June 2018
"Best rainforest experience ever!"
Lim Shing Yueim from Malaysia visited June 2018
"Stunning & awesome experience!"
Julia & Aleira Gardner from Bribie Island, Australia visited June 2018
"Wonderful - a must for all visitors"
Karen & David Gidall from New Zealand visited June 2018
"Had a great day out - very beautiful!"
Scott Carter from Victoria, Australia visited June 2018
"Very well organised, rainforest information very useful!"
Clement, Rebecca, Samantha & Tyler from Sydney, Australia visited May 2018
"Thank you for the informative tours and for providing umbrellas! Wonderful!"
D & S Leng from the United Kingdom visited March 2018
"Absolutely amazing day out! Thank you for the memories"
Rebecca Carr from the United Kingdom visited March 2018
"Beautiful, magical experience!"
The Mills Family from the United Kingdom visited March 2018
"Fantastic opportunity to view nature without much disruption to the ecosystem"
The Chothia Family from South Africa visited March 2018
"The waterfall was beautiful and the view was amazing"
Bella Bruce from Australia visited March 2018
"Very informative, we enjoyed learning more about the rainforest"
Jan McLean from Rockhampton Queensland, Australia visited March 2018
"Fascinating and educational - really interesting"
Stephen Blacklock from the United Kingdom visited March 2018
"Wonderful source of information! Looking forward to returning"
Yiting and Kevin from California USA visited March 2018
"We will cherish our memories and photos. Thank you for preserving the rainforest"
Kristin Wouk and John McGinn from North Carolina USA visited January 2018
"Beautiful rainforest and the waterfall was amazing even with the rain"
Hinkley Family from Sydney Australia visited January 2018
"Awesome experience to get so close, the rainforest guided talk was excellent!"
Catherine from the United Kingdom visited January 2018
"Beautiful - well organised and amazing views! Very informative and enjoyable info centre"
Renee and Ashley from Geelong Australia and the USA visited January 2018
"Incredible! The mist over Barron Falls was breathtaking"
Kristen Harran from New York USA visited January 2018
"Wonderful way to see the Rainforest! Very efficiently managed by extremely polite staff. Loved the experience"
Zarina V. Kumar from Dallas Texas USA visited January 2018
"Thanks for a beautiful insight into the tropical rainforest and its plants and animals"
Thor from Australia visited January 2018
"The rain made the rainforest feel like a rainforest! Great experience"
Selwyn from the Netherlands visited January 2018
"Wet but Barron Falls are spectacular"
Susie Dave from Sheffield, South Yorkshire England visited January 2018
"Truly magical, very informative and highly recommended!"
Paul and Riley from Canada visited February 2018
"Wonderful! The first time we have been and we will come again!"
The Fletchcock Family from Cairns Australia visited February 2018
"Very relaxing and peaceful"
Genna from Australia visited February 2018
"Amazing and very educational"
Zara and Adam from Australia visited February 2018
"Wonderful place. I didn't expect to see this in Cairns!"
Jisau Pouk from Korea visited February 2018
"What a fantastic way to show off this beauty"
Tracy and David Millard from Balranald New South Whales Australia visited February 2018