Wheelchair Access on Skyrail

Skyrail caters for wheelchair passengers with the following:

  • Optional use of ramp to assist with loading and unloading from gondola cabins on the cableway (as pictured below).
  • Ramp access to all boardwalks at Red Peak and Barron Falls stations.
  • Access to the CSIRO Interpretation Centre at Barron Falls Station.
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom facilities at all stations.

The following information details wheelchair guidelines for guests travelling on Skyrail.

  • The width of the wheelchair can not exceed 630mm.
  • The length of the wheelchair can not exceed 950mm.
  • Wheelchairs must be capable of being tilted backwards to enable loading into the gondola. To load a wheelchair, the wheelchair will need to be tipped backwards raising the front wheels and then gently pushed into the gondola.
  • The combined weight of the wheelchair occupant and the wheelchair must be of a manageable weight to allow cableway operators to load the wheelchair.
  • Wheelchairs must have handles to ensure easy lifting into the gondola cabins.


Use of Skyrail Wheelchairs

Skyrail provides the complimentary use of wheelchairs (subject to availability) during a Skyrail experience. We recommend you contact our reservations team at the time of booking to confirm wheelchair availability.

Wheelchair Access on Coach Transfers

Please note that wheelchairs are not able to be carried on our standard coach transfer service to Skyrail. Please advise us you require this service so that we can make alternative arrangements for you. Please ask for more details at the time of booking or indicate in the notes of your online booking.