Environment & Social Sustainability Policy


1. Environment & Social Sustainability Policy


Skyrail Rainforest Cableway is a unique ecotourism attraction that seeks to provide its guests with the best rainforest experience available anywhere in the world. Skyrail is based in the heart of Australia’s World Heritage listed Tropical Rainforests, in Cairns, Australia.

Skyrail is committed to the highest standards of environmental protection and embraces an ongoing review and improve philosophy in its business and operational practices. In addition, Skyrail is committed to:


  • Meeting our obligations to protect the natural and cultural heritage values of the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area by complying with all legislation, licences, permits and agreements, and maintaining an Environmental Management Plan in accordance with EarthCheck company standards.
  • Supporting the community by employing locally based personnel, purchasing locally produced products wherever possible, and providing employment and opportunities for local First Nations people.
  • Providing meaningful experiences and educational opportunities about the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area to improve understanding and appreciation of tropical rainforest environments around the world.
  • Actively monitoring and implementing practices to prevent pollution and reduce the potential of any unauthorised release of any chemical, mineral, toxin or hazardous substance.
  • Meeting annual measures of Skyrail’s sustainability performance indicators endorsed by Skyrail’s Senior Management to maintain EarthCheck industry standards and certification.
  • Ensuring that this policy is available to all employees, guests, and suppliers to make them aware of their contribution towards Skyrail’s environmental responsibilities.
  • Training staff and contractors to have the appropriate skills and knowledge to ensure that operations are completed with the utmost respect for the environmental values and cultural heritage of the area.
  • Striving for continuous, year-on-year improvement in all measures of sustainability and business performance.
  • Annually reviewing the Environmental Management Plan and Skyrail’s Environment and Social Sustainability Policy.
  • The ongoing contribution towards progressive tropical rainforest research and education projects, through the Skyrail Rainforest Foundation.
  • Abiding by the principles of the Fair-Trade Agreement and United Nations International Labour Organisation

2. Purpose

The scope of the quality management system is outlined in SKY QS1 QMS Policy and Procedure of the corporate Management Manual and excludes section 7.3 Design and Development.

Skyrail’s core activities consist of:

  • Operating and maintaining a cableway, with two stations situated in World Heritage listed rainforest.
  • Maintaining remote towers in a world heritage area.
  • Use and maintenance of paths through tropical rainforest.
  • Providing public access to the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area.
  • Maintaining buildings and structures including composting toilets.
  • Maintaining gardens and grounds.
  • Maintaining vegetation around a cableway transect, buildings and tower structures.
  • Providing accurate and educational interpretive tours to customers.
  • Administration.
  • Retail services including souvenirs sales and café facilities.
  • Rainforest rehabilitation.
  • Transportation of passengers to and from the cableway.
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EarthCheck Certified
ECO Certified Tourism