Frequently Asked Questions

Advance booking and payment is required.

Do I need to make a booking for Skyrail?

Yes. Advance bookings and payments are essential.

This is to provide you the best opportunity to secure your preferred dates and travel times and to reduce waiting times and avoid unnecessary congestion.

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Is there a cancellation fee?

No. We offer guests a full refund prior to the day of travel.

Please contact our friendly team who will work with you to amend your booking or process a refund.

Once checked in, you must travel at the pre-allocated time as indicated on your ticket and changes (including refunds for any unused portions) are not possible.

A cancellation fee of 100% may be charged for bookings or any tour components (including bus transfers) cancelled within 24 hours of your travel date.

ⓘ To amend or cancel your booking please contact us.

Does Skyrail accommodate wheelchairs?

Yes, the entire Skyrail experience is wheelchair accessible and can accommodate most standard wheelchairs.

Due to size restrictions and loading requirements, some types of wheelchairs cannot be carried on the cableway. Skyrail also provides complimentary use of wheelchairs (subject to availability) during your Skyrail experience.

Please note wheelchairs cannot be carried on bus transfers. Please advise us if you require this service so that we can make alternative arrangements for you at the time of booking.

Does Skyrail offer pensioner or concession card discounts?

No. Discounts to pensioner or concession card holders are not offered at Skyrail.

Skyrail is pleased to provide support to Companion Card holders. Please ensure you ask about the Companion Card program when booking your tickets with our Reservations Team (these cannot be booked online).

Can I travel on Skyrail with my support dog or assistance animal?

Yes. Certified support dogs and assistance animals are permitted to travel on Skyrail, subject to conditions.

Skyrail is located within the Barron Gorge National Park (a World Heritage Area) hence operates in accordance with strict environmental legislation, laws and obligations as prescribed by the Queensland Government including Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS).

For further details view Skyrail accessibility information.

Is it better to go up or down on Skyrail?

The Skyrail experience is the same, regardless of whether you chose to travel up to Kuranda from Smithfield, or down to Smithfield from Kuranda.

You can choose to start with either Skyrail Rainforest Cableway or Kuranda Scenic Railway when you book directly online.

How do the Skyrail + Kuranda Scenic Railway experiences work together?

  • Skyrail Rainforest Cableway can be enjoyed as a one-way or return (round trip) experience on its own OR;
  • Skyrail Rainforest Cableway can be combined with Kuranda Scenic Railway to create half or full-day itineraries.
  • You can start with either Skyrail Rainforest Cableway or Kuranda Scenic Railway.
  • There is a 7km gap between Skyrail Smithfield Terminal and Freshwater Railway Station. All guests booking self drive packages that include both Skyrail Rainforest Cablway and Kuranda Scenic Railway will have the transfer between the stations automatically included in the booking.

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What are Skyrail’s hours of operation?

Skyrail’s hours of operation are 8:30am to 5:00pm. *

During peak holiday periods, Skyrail may open earlier than 8:30am and additional booking times will be added to the website.

*The last departure time from Smithfield Terminal is 1:00pm.

*The last departure time from Kuranda Terminal is 3:30pm.

For our schedule of closure dates please see Special Notices.

Skyrail’s Canopy Cafe at Smithfield Terminal is open from 8:00am until 5:00pm on our opening days.

When does the Kuranda Scenic Railway depart and how long does it take?

Allow 1 ½ hours to complete a Kuranda Scenic Railway Journey.

Morning departures leave from Cairns Central Railway Station at 8:30am and 9:30am and from Freshwater Railway Station at 8:55am and 9:55am to Kuranda Railway Station.

Afternoon departures leave from Kuranda Railway Station at 2:00pm and 3:30pm to Freshwater Railway Station and continue on to Cairns Central Railway Station. 

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How long does a Skyrail experience take?

Allow 1 ½ hours to complete a standard one-way Skyrail experience or up to 2 hours for a one-way Diamond View experience.

For a return (round-trip) standard experience, allow 2 ½ hours plus time to spend in Kuranda Village.

These timings include two stops at Red Peak and Barron Falls.

You can however choose to spend as much time as you like at Red Peak and Barron Falls. Please note that timings are dependent on cableway operational constraints and may be longer than these recommended times.

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How do I get to Skyrail?

Skyrail is currently operating a restricted bus transfer service from selected locations only. Bookings for this service are essential and can be made at the time of booking by selecting your location from the available list. If your location is not available, it is likely there is currently no service offered to that location.


Can I drive myself to Skyrail?

If you have a vehicle you can drive yourself to Skyrail’s Smithfield (Cairns) Terminal where there is free parking, dedicated RV and caravan parking and two electric vehicle charging stations. You can also drive to Skyrail’s Kuranda Terminal (free street parking).

For guests combining Skyrail Rainforest Cableway and Kuranda Scenic Railway, ‘self drive’ transfers to/from your car are also available between Freshwater Railway Station and Smithfield Terminal and is automatically added when selecting “I will drive and park” during the online booking process (additional fees apply).

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Where is Skyrail located?

6 Skyrail Drive, Smithfield

Skyrail is located 15 minutes north of Cairns city and 50 minutes south of Port Douglas in the World Heritage listed Barron Gorge National Park. Start your journey at Smithfield (Cairns) or Kuranda.

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Can I travel at any time?

Bookings are made in 15 minute time allocations and once you have checked in you must travel at your pre-allocated times.

ⓘ To amend your booking please contact us.

What are the options for one-way and return (round trip) Skyrail experiences?

You can book a one-way or return (round-trip) experience on Skyrail or a one-way experience with Skyrail and a one-way with Kuranda Scenic Railway. Bookings are made in 15 minute time allocations from the hour.

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How long should I spend in Kuranda Village?

If you wish to explore Kuranda Village there are numerous acitvities, including markets, art galleries, cafes and wildlife parks. Depending on your schedule, we recommend allowing 2 – 3 hours in Kuranda ‘Village in the rainforest’.

ⓘ Learn more about Kuranda.

Can I book Skyrail directly if I am arriving by cruise ship?

Yes. You can book with Skyrail if you are arriving in Cairns by Cruise Ship. Transfers to and from cruise ships docking in Cairns City Cruise Liner Terminal can  be booked.

If you are arriving into Yorkey’s Knob Marina, you will need to make your own way to Skyrail. This will take you approx. 15 minutes in a taxi/Uber. 

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What is included in a Skyrail experience?

  • A journey of discovery into the World Heritage listed Wet Tropics Rainforest, home to the world’s oldest continually surviving tropical rainforest.
  • Multi-lingual Interpretive App and Audio Guide.
  • Red Peak: Rainforest Discovery Zone, Ranger Guided Tours, rainforest boardwalk loop, scenic lookout.
  • Barron Falls: The Edge Lookout; rainforest boardwalk loop, Rainforest Interpretation Center, panoramic gorge and waterfall views.
  • Free Wi-Fi at all stations.
  • Free all day parking

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How often do gondolas leave?

Skyrail gondolas leave continuously; Skyrail bookings are taken in 15 minute intervals. Diamond View gondolas depart every 7 minutes approximately.

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How many people does a gondola carry?

Each standard Skyrail gondola seats* a maximum of 6 people (including infants) or a maximum of 480kg (1058 lbs) whichever is first. The Diamond View gondola upgrade seats* a maximum of 5 people (including infants) or a maximum of 400kg (880 lbs) whichever is first.

We will endeavour to offer guests their own gondola, however in peak travel times sharing of gondolas with other guests may be required.

* Bookings are taken on a per seat basis and the gondola is not offered exclusively. Note: sharing of gondolas with other guests may be required.

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How do I board the gondolas?

A friendly cableway operator will assist you on and off the cableway. The gondolas slow down as they approach each platform to allow for easy access. The gondola doors open and close/lock automatically.

ⓘ Learn about Skyrail’s easy accessibility.

Can I get off the gondolas to explore the rainforest?

Yes. You are encouraged to leave the gondola to explore the rainforest at Red Peak and Barron Falls. Where you can explore the ancient rainforest on boardwalks and easy access walkways. We recommend all guests explore both Red Peak and Barron Falls in order to experience all aspects of the ancient rainforest.

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How long can I spend at Red Peak and Barron Falls?

You can spend as long as you like at the two stops. Our Ranger Guides are located at Red Peak offering Guided Tours throughout the day, whilst you explore the boardwalk and at Barron Falls you can explore independently.

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What can be taken on Skyrail?

Day packs and fold up strollers can be taken on Skyrail Rainforest Cableway. Luggage is not permitted on the cableway or bus transfers.
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Do I need a certain level of fitness or ability to enjoy Skyrail?

Skyrail is fully accessible and is suitable for people of all ages and abilities.

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Is there a family ticket price for the Skyrail experience? What ages are children and infants?

Yes, Skyrail family rates are available on all packages, excluding Diamond View and Kuranda Scenic Railway’s Gold Class upgrades.

A family is classified as 2 adults and 2 children of the same family.

A child is a person aged between 4 and 14 years inclusive and infants (0-3 years) are free but must still hold an infant ticket to travel.

ⓘ View prices and packages for Skyrail Rainforest Cableway and Skyrail & Kuranda Scenic Railway.

What payment methods can I use?

We are now cash free. All purchases at Skyrail can be made by card only.

Various attractions, shops, cafes and restaurants within Kuranda Village accept both cash and card payments. 

If I have pre-booked my Skyrail experience do I need to collect a boarding ticket prior to boarding?

Your booking confirmation is your digital ticket.
You can keep this on your mobile device.
There will be a QR code to scan on entry to our terminals and when boarding the gondola.

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Can changes be made to Skyrail bookings?

If you book on the Skyrail website, you are welcome to make changes to your booking (date of travel, direction, tour type etc.) at any time up until 24hours prior to the commencement of your day without penalty, subject to availability.

Any additional experiences/upgrades added to your itinerary will require additional payment.

Once checked in, guests must commence at the times indicated on their booking confirmation and changes (including refunds for any unused portions) are not possible.

ⓘ To amend your booking please contact us.

Can children visit Skyrail unaccompanied?

No. Children (14 years and younger) must be accompanied by an adult throughout the duration of the Skyrail experience.

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Can I smoke?

No smoking is permitted. This includes the use of e-cigarettes and vaping devices.

The entire Skyrail Rainforest Cableway experience is a smoke-free experience.

If it is raining, can I still visit Skyrail?

Skyrail is perfect as either a wet or dry weather experience.

In wet weather, the mountain ranges become shrouded in mist giving the rainforest a somewhat mysterious Jurassic Park feel. The gondolas are fully enclosed and complimentary umbrellas are also provided at Red Peak and Barron Falls to ensure everyone can enjoy the Skyrail experience in maximum comfort.

ⓘ Learn more about Skyrail in the Wet Season

How long is Skyrail?

The Skyrail Rainforest Cableway is 7.5km long. When it was first built, it was the longest cableway in the world.

ⓘ Learn about the Skyrail’s construction & history.