Skyrail prides itself on being an inclusive and easily accessible experience for people of all ages and abilities.

Wheelchair access

Skyrail caters for wheelchair and mobility impaired passengers via:

  • The cableway can be slowed or stopped to allow for easy, stress-free access onto and off the Skyrail gondolas, with assistance from a friendly Skyrail operator.
  • Wheelchair access to all areas of the Skyrail experience with wheelchair ramps.
  • Wheelchair accessible restrooms throughout the entire experience.

Wheelchair access on bus transfers

Wheelchairs cannot be carried on our bus transfer service. However, at the time of booking, please advise us if you require this service and we will make alternative arrangements.

Skyrail can accommodate most standard wheelchairs. However, due to size restrictions and loading requirements, personal wheelchairs are required to have the following:

  • Width – cannot exceed 630mm.
  • Length – cannot exceed 950mm.
  • Wheelchairs must be capable of being tilted backwards (raising the front wheels) to enable loading onto gondola.
  • Combined weight of the wheelchair and occupant must be manageable to allow for operator-assisted loading.
  • Must have handles to ensure easy lifting into the gondolas.

Complimentary wheelchairs

Skyrail can provide complimentary use of a wheelchair, subject to availability.