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This month we’ll be looking at the life of the unusual plants known as hemi-epiphytes. These interesting plants have a most unusual life cycle. Most plants stick to one lifestyle throughout their lives whilst hemi-epiphytes go through two. One of the lives is always spent as... read more

Seed Dispersal

December is the official start of summer with rain often turning up around Christmas. There should also be more fruiting during the month as the last gasps of flowering go through their motions. This could, of course, be turned completely on its head should El Nino appear over... read more

Flowering in the Rainforest

November is the time of the year when we usually start noticing the heat, although the heat sometimes turns up as early as late September. The flowering in the rainforest is on the ebb, the trees are getting ready to put out fruits for the onset of the rainy season. Black Bean... read more

The Build-up to the Wet Season

As quickly as it started, the winter is over again with the first warm spells from the north having arrived. We are now going into what some people refer to as the "Build-up". It’s getting hotter and hotter and the humidity will also rise but for now, it is the most stressful... read more

Flowering, fruiting and monocots

September is normally the start of the main flowering event of the year as it's quite near to the end of the dry season. The plants are attempting to have their fruits ready by the time the rain turns up. If the weatherman is right and we will be experiencing a new cycle of El... read more