Skyrail News

Layers of the Rainforest

This month we will be looking at the structure of a typical rainforest. Depending on the type of forest, there are normally three vertical layers, but occasionally there can be more. Unlike temperate forests, most activity in tropical rainforests takes place in the... read more

Skyrail Celebrates 16 Candles

On 31 August 2011, Skyrail celebrated 16 years of showcasing Tropical North Queensland’s World Heritage listed rainforest to visitors from all across the world. Now an Australian icon, Skyrail has been the proud recipient of over 20 major awards and has been recognised both... read more

Little workers: Beetles of the Wet Tropics

The life cycles of beetles involves what is known as complete metamorphosis. This means that both young and adult beetles are totally different from each other, interspersed by a pupa stage where the young, known as larvae, change into the adult, known as an imago. The... read more

Ferns of the rainforest

Basket Ferns (Drynaria rigidula: Polypodiaceae) are the most common fern spotted in the Barron Gorge National Park. They are epiphytic and grow on top of trees, just below leafy branches. The falling leaves become compost and nest in the basket shaped structure of the fern.... read more

George Chapman AO: A remarkable Queenslander

Premier Anna Bligh announced the 2011 Queensland Greats, acknowledging five remarkable Queenslanders and one institution. "Queenslanders like Betty Byrne Henderson and George Chapman and Graham Jackson are not only some of the best business minds in the state but have used... read more