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Spectacular geology: The Barron Gorge and beyond

Geologists believe that just behind Barron Falls, Barron River was joined by the Mitchell and Clohesy Rivers. This created a more powerful flow in front of the point where they joined and therefore gouged out more of the gorge at that location, rather than behind it. There... read more

In the gloom of the rainforest: Plant survival

In an undisturbed rainforest, the amount of light that reaches the forest floor can often be as little as 1%. Very few plants can survive let alone grow under such conditions. Most plants survive on a chemical process called photosyntheses (a process that converts carbon... read more

Lizards of the rainforest

Australia has the world's highest diversity of lizards, many of which can be found in the Wet Tropics Rainforests of Tropical North Queensland. Lizards are intriguing creatures and are closely related to snakes. Some species are elongated with reduced or lacking limbs. The... read more

The great timber trees of the Wet Tropics

Relatives of the citrus trees from the genus Flindersia have long been popular timber trees. Several have strong smelling timber, one of which includes Hickory Ash's (Flindersia ifflaiana: Rutaceae) timber which smells of curry - see image 4. The flowers of these magnificent... read more

Spectacular spiders of the Wet Tropics

Spiders are spectacular creatures with many unique qualities. Although the thought of a spider may make you quiver, they are often misunderstood and provide much value to rainforest ecosystems. All spiders have the following characteristics: four pairs of legs; two body parts... read more