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Legless lizards: Snakes of the Wet Tropics

If you are visiting the Wet Tropics, it is common to encounter one or more species of snakes. Though the mention of a snake may make you quiver, these predators play a vital role in assisting with the life cycle in rainforests. Snakes are reptiles and are closely related to... read more

Skyrail / WTMA Poster Competition

Skyrail Rainforest Cableway, Big Cat Green Island Reef Cruises and the Wet Tropics Management Authority recently announced the winners of their annual Reef and Rainforest, "Keep It Wild" poster competition. The competition encouraged prep to primary school students to... read more

The Art of Disguise - Camouflage in the Rainforest

If an animal is camouflaged in the rainforest, it is at a huge advantage. Because of the high diversity and large number of organisms that live in tropical rainforests, many animals are either hunting or trying not to be hunted. The Southern Cassowarry's (Casuarius... read more

The travelling seed

There are a number of contributing factors to a rainforest's existence. Seed dispersal is one of them. Plants have limited mobility and consequently rely upon a variety of dispersal methods to transport their seeds from one place to another. There are three methods of... read more

Roots of the rainforest

There are a number of unusual types of roots found in the rainforest, many of which have adapted over time to the climate of the rainforest and function using unique processes. Most would be unaware of the importance of the process involved with roots and fungi in the... read more