Skyrail News

When the sun goes down....

When travelling on the cableway, it is often very difficult to see animals. The reasons for this is that they may be camouflaged, hidden under the dense rainforest layers or because many of the animals are nocturnal - they come out of hiding at night. Rarely seen during... read more

Moss & Lichen

Crustose lichens are the lichen you see growing flat against trunks and branches. They form, flat, crusty plates that grow slowly outwards, increasing their radius by as little as 0.5mm a year. Foliose lichens often grow near mosses and are leafy in appearance. Finally,... read more

Rainforest Rainbows

In the rainforests, some leaves have evolved 'drip tips', pointed ends that collect the rain and help to channel the water off the leaf, downwards. The rainfall slides between the leaves of the canopy, down the tree trunks, where it can be absorbed directly by the tree... read more

Forest Fungi

Fungi do not flower, they produce spores which are released and dispersed by the wind, rain, animals, or by the fruiting body literally exploding. Most rainforest fungi are highly toxic to humans and should never be eaten, however, they do provide a food source for slugs,... read more

Skyrail: Australian Champions

Skyrail Rainforest Cableway has been named Australia's most sustainable tourism attraction, for a second consecutive year, at the recent Australian Tourism Awards. Skyrail General Manager Max Shepherd, said: "Skyrail is honoured to have won the Qantas Australian Tourism... read more