Skyrail News

Skyrail celebrates World Environment Day

"Skyrail is pleased to support the competition and work with the Wet Tropics Management Authority and Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority on this World Environment Day initiative," he said. "Skyrail looks forward to hosting the winning class on a return experience in... read more

Mighty Rainforest 'Oaks'

The Wet Tropics World Heritage Rainforest is home to many mighty trees, including the Briar Silky Oak and Bull Oak, which can be seen flowering and fruiting on Skyrail Rainforest Cableway this month. It should be noted that neither of these trees are true ‘oaks’, rather... read more

Canopy In Bloom

Finally this month, we look at the Black Wattles, which are flowering sporadically. Black Wattle (Acacia celsa) is also known as Brown Sandlewood, Brush Ironbark Wattle and New Guinea Wattle. Its bright yellow flowers start to appear in late summer, much to the delight of... read more

Skyrail surveillance for pest bees

Skyrail Rainforest Cableway is assisting eradication efforts against the Asian honeybee, by having feeding stations installed at its stations and terminals in April. Biosecurity Queensland Surveillance Manager for the Asian honeybee, Mr Wim De Jong, said the feeding... read more

Rainforest Bounty

The stems of this plant are very narrow, about 3cm in diameter, and are not weight-bearing. As a result, this plant is often found sprawling along the rainforest floor, a tumble of spiny leaves and stems. The prickly, fruiting heads (pictured) grow up to 12cm long by 8cm... read more