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The Flowers & the Fox

Taking its name from its distinctive colouring, the Spectacled Flying-fox has patches of pale yellow fur surrounding its eyes, giving it the appearance of wearing spectacles. It uses its highly-developed sense of smell, eyesight and colour recognition to find its favourite... read more

Celebrating 20 years of World Heritage listing in the Wet Tropics in 2008

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Skyrail - A 'Must-Do'

"Skyrail Rainforest Cableway is honoured to represent Tropical North Queensland in RACQ's list of 150 things to see and do in Queensland," Mr Shepherd said. "This campaign encourages Queenslanders to explore the rich diversity of our great state on some of our most iconic... read more

Skyrail: Sustainable Tourism Champions

Skyrail Rainforest Cableway is the best at sustainable tourism, as recognised at the 2008 Queensland Tourism Awards. Skyrail's Excellence in Sustainable Tourism Award affirms the rainforest cableway as an industry leader that minimises its environmental impact,... read more

The Fruiting Forest

The Bumpy Satinash (Syzygium cormiflorum) is an ancient rainforest species which flowers and fruits directly from its trunk and branches, giving it a ‘bumpy’ appearance and its common name. Its beautiful, fluffy white flowers attract many nectar-feeding birds and animals,... read more