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Beware the Stinging Tree

Whilst the initial, intense pain will persist for several days before easing, it can recur repeatedly over several months whenever the affected area is exposed to hot or cold air, water and rubbing. Interesting, the toxicity of the silica-tipped hairs is not affected by age... read more

Skyrail / WTMA Poster Competition

Skyrail Rainforest Cableway and the Wet Tropics Management Authority recently held a poster competition to help celebrate 20 Years of World Heritage listing in the Wet Tropics Rainforests. Promoted to schools and students across Cairns and Tropical North Queensland, the... read more

Cassowary Plum

The Cassowary is the only bird large enough to eat the Cassowary Plum fruits intact. It swallows the large fruits whole and passes them, mostly undigested, through its stomach, which is said to gently massage the outer layer of the fruits, helping them to germinate. In fact,... read more

Skyrail Provides Ecotourism Insights to United Nations

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Special Envoy will visit Skyrail Rainforest Cableway this week to gain an insight into world's best practice environmental tourism. A delegation sponsored by the Japanese Government and led by the UNEP Special Envoy, Ms Tokiko... read more

The Bumpy Satinash

Bumpy Satinash flowers are white, fluffy and full of sweet nectar. During the day, these delicate blossoms attract an array of birds including parrots, honey-eaters and lorikeets. At night, the flowers attract a different type of visitor, including the Common Striped Possum,... read more