Skyrail News

Fan Palm: Image of the Rainforest

A frequent feature in local resort gardens and tourism brochures is the Australian Fan Palm (Licuala ramsayi). This unique and versatile palm derives its common name from the appearance of its pleated leaf segments, which combine to create the shape of a Chinese fan. These... read more

Skyrail Rainforest Foundation officially launched

The Skyrail Rainforest Foundation was officially launched on Thursday 29th September 2005 by the Hon Fran Bailey MP, Federal Minister for Small Business and Tourism, and Dr Ken Chapman, Chief Executive Officer of Skyrail-ITM. Entered on the Australian Government's Register... read more

Be Cass-o-wary

Cassowaries will not, generally, attack without provocation, however you should not approach a Cassowary when it is nesting or with its chicks. They can jump and kick, which can result in nasty injury and/or death (although the only recorded fatality was in April 1926, near... read more

The Golden Penda: Cairns' official floral emblem

The Golden Penda can grow up to 40 metres in height and yields a hard, durable timber, but if pruned annually it can also be contained to shrub size. In the rainforest this tree grows tall and straight, but is also found along river banks, such as the Mulgrave River, growing... read more

Vexing Vines

These flagella also provide the Lawyer Cane's means for survival; the large thorns catch onto surrounding rainforest plants, allowing the Lawyer Vine to 'climb' up their neighbouring plants and reach the rainforest canopy. Breaking through the canopy and accessing its vital... read more