Skyrail News

Green Ants: Combat Engineers of the Rainforest

Guests travelling on Skyrail often ask, “What are those leafy ball things in the trees?” Those marvelously constructed “leafy balls” resembling scaly bladders are satellite colonies of the rainforest’s combat engineers – green ants. Green ants nests are most likely to be... read more

Skyrail Wins TNQ Ecotourism Award, 2014

Skyrail Rainforest Cableway was recognised as the winner of Tropical North Queensland's (TNQ) Ecotourism award at a ceremony held on 21 November 2014. This Award affirms Skyrail as an industry leader in the promotion of Ecotourism, whilst conserving natural resources,... read more

November Flowering and Fruiting

This month it’s getting even warmer and more humid. Several of the trees that had just started fruiting in October, should be getting close to ripening. Brown Tulip is currently fruiting in moderate numbers at Skyrail. The fruits are samaras, a round seed attached to a long... read more

Calling Social Media Influencers!

Are you a social media influencer with more than 5,000 followers or likes? Skyrail would like to extend a complimentary invitation to our award winning attraction in Cairns. You will be spoilt for photographic opportunities both above and below the canopy which we would love... read more

Ancestors of Land Plants

This month we will be looking at the ancestors of land plants and some modern, primitive descendants that resemble them. Algae are the obvious ancestors of the land plants. The question is which ones? Thanks to DNA research, it’s now generally known that algae are a diverse... read more