A sustainable travel experience.

Slow down, stay a while and enjoy a greener holiday!


Transform your next holiday into a meaningful travel experience.

With the world finally back at our feet, our travel options are endless. But time is precious, and the stakes are higher than ever to achieve the greatest of all vacations. This “no regrets” style of holiday doesn’t just demand an incredible meaningful and sustainable travel experience, it’s also about ensuring travel is a force for good and feeling great about the choices we make.

So, what does it mean to be a responsible traveller, what are the benefits, and what should you look for in the ultimate feel-good holiday?


Slow down and stay a while

Slow travel brings with it the luxury of more time to spend really experiencing a destination. Whether you’re coming from overseas or Australia’s southern states, or just down the road, Cairns is a world away from the bustle of city life and perfectly placed for a relaxing tropical getaway. When you’re not rushed or moving from place to place each day, you can immerse yourself deep in the culture and natural environment, build connections with your companions and local people, seek out hidden gems and create your own unique holiday stories. Staying for longer is a win all round – immerse yourself within our local community while enjoying a more authentic, meaningful and sustainable travel experience.


Cairns lagoon from above through he trees

The Cairns Esplanade and Lagoon is the perfect place to slow down and watch the world go by.

Image credit: Tourism Tropical North Queensland

Green holiday, engage with nature

Many cultures across the world value spending time outdoors to reduce anxiety and stress to improve concentration and creativity – who doesn’t need that?  Those of us living in Queensland where the world’s oldest continually surviving tropical rainforest meets the Great Barrier Reef, we feel this to our cores, but don’t take our word for it. A recent UK university study tracking 290 million participants in 20 countries concluded that spending time in green spaces was linked to lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol, lower heart rate and blood pressure, reduced risk of diabetes, improves mental health and lowers cholesterol. So do yourself a favour and choose a location that allows you time to immerse yourself in the natural world – like Cairns!

A Skyrail Ranger and two women stand in discussion on a boardwalk surrounded by rainforest

Immerse yourself in one of the most botanically fascinating areas on earth with Skyrail Rainforest Cableway.

Discover, explore, enjoy and contribute

Gaining an appreciation and understanding of new places as you discover and explore them is a joy that will enrich you for life. But the icing on the cake is to know that your visit will contribute to, and sustain each environment and its local communities. At Skyrail Rainforest Cableway, contribution is at the heart of the experience – they also have the Skyrail Rainforest Foundation, which is dedicated to worldwide rainforest research, education, management and conservation.


Finding businesses with a similar ethos and a strong, well-managed commitment to sustainable practices and quality nature-based experiences is easier than you’d think. There are many unique nature experiences throughout the Cairns region, check out Ecotourism Australia’s Green Travel Guide.to the feel the wonderment of how special this place is. Their Eco certification programs are rigorous with different levels and emphases to help identify outstanding operators. On the ground – or in Skyrail’s case, up in the ancient rainforest canopy – this translates to innovative, transformational and thought-provoking experiences that make the world a better place .

A man and boy plating a tree

Skyrail staff and local members of the community come together annually to plant trees on Tropical Tree Day.

Eco-friendly, keep it local

Indulge in the produce, seasons, arts and craft of our destination and make the most of the opportunities to sample or buy something unique and personal. Just a short stroll from Skyrail’s Kuranda Terminal, is the iconic Kuranda markets with their artisan stalls, local produce, and myriad of specially curated gift shops focused on local crafted items and mementos of the region to help your meaningful travel experience live on.

Kuranda village original markets

Kuranda, the village in the rainforest known for its quirky characters and unique markets.

Embrace accessible travel

Travel for good means travel for all, without limitation. So seek out inclusive experiences that welcome visitors of all abilities – there are heaps of them in Cairns & Great Barrier Reef – and bring your whole family on an unforgettable holiday with confidence. If you need a little help during your stay, Out There Travel Care offers exclusive holiday care services for the ultimate peace of mind and a meaningful travel experience.

Two men boarding a Skyrail gondola. Out there travel care

Out There Travel Care provide a helping hand while on holiday with their care assisted tours.

Inspire the next generation

There’s no greater lasting legacy for a better world than instilling in your kids a love of travel , nature and the outdoors and a thirst for knowledge. Pick up books by local authors, introduce kids to native animals at wildlife parks or look out for great child-focused resources that you can download before you travel – like Skyrail’s Audio Guide and Interpretive App with augmented reality and a Rainforest Rangers Animal game, to explore their imaginative learning and education during their ancient rainforest experience. Most importantly, let them learn and engage exactly as you do – with purpose, with an open mind and with endless curiosity to discover more!

Child on tree rope swing over creek

For the love of nature, travel and ourdoor adventure.

Image credit: Tourism Tropical North Queensland

Cairns resonates with people of all ages and cultures to create a community that wants to make a difference to the environment. But wherever you enjoy your next meaningful travel experience, it all comes down to what you take away with you and what you leave behind. It’s no longer good enough just to leave footprints – responsible travel can actively protect fragile environments and support diverse communities. And in return you get authentic, meaningful, transformative experiences that will inspire and nourish until the next time you take off!

Tropical Mama has lived in Cairns and the Daintree Rainforest for 25 years and is passionate about sharing the unique experiences of Tropical North Queensland with her extended family.

Tropical Mama - Guest Writer & Author of A sustainable travel experience

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