The wilder side of Kuranda 


Discover a wilder side of Kuranda. A quirky village surrounded by tropical rainforest, packed with wildlife experiences!


Explore a wilder side of Kuranda with a range of attractions we suggest you visit, for an Australian and International animal encounter.

Kuranda is a charming, quirky village surrounded by the World Heritage listed Tropical Rainforest, packed full of wildlife experiences for you to discover. Whether you are travelling solo, as a family or on a friendcation you can enjoy an up close and personal animal adventure.

Our recommendations to add to your Skyrail experience, and your day trip to the ancient rainforest are…

Cairns Birdwing Butterfly. Black wings trimmed in yellow with white patches. A yellow body with a red and black head.

Cairns Birdwing Butterfly

Australian Butterfly Sanctuary

Who wouldn’t love be surrounded by up to 1500 beautiful butterflies?

Great fun for both adults and children, explore the magic of the largest butterfly aviary in Australia. See the bright green and black Cairns Birdwing and the electric blue Ulysses butterfly, residents of the tropical rainforest. At the Butterfly Sanctuary take time to learn about the varying life cycle of the caterpillar becoming a butterfly when you view the laboratory and breeding area. Don’t forget to check out the fairy garden!

On the day of your visit to Kuranda Village wear bright colours of pink, red and white as butterflies see on the ultraviolet light spectrum, giving you a greater chance, they will land on you during animal adventure.

A smiling woman and girl holding a koala

Kuranda Koala Gardens

Kuranda Koala Gardens

Koalas are very well known as the cute sleepy grey bear, but are actually marsupial mammals- not bears!, which after a snack on eucalypt leaves they can nap for up to 20 hours a day. An endangered species due to a decline in population making them elusive in the wild.

Get up close to enjoy the company of Koalas at this boutique Koala Gardens attraction in Kuranda Village. Also, home to an array of wildlife including wallabies, wombats, quokkas, sugar gliders, possums, freshwater crocodiles and a noctarium.

Koala photo opportunities are available as souvenirs, you can cuddle a koala or for a real animal adventure you can handle a python!

A bright green bird with a pink beak, orange around the eye and a black and pink ring around the neck.

Indian Ring-Necked Parakeet

A large black bird with striking red feathers at the tail

Red-tailed black cockatoo

Kuranda Birdworld

Birdworld is home to over 60 bird species from Australia and around the world, some of which are rare!

An open space aviary you can walk amongst the birds as they fly freely around you. Make sure you take time to hand feed the parrots. Whilst you explore the aviary, admire birds such as the Southern Cassowary, Amazonian Macaws, Rainbow Lorikeets and Cockatoos just to name a few. During your animal adventure, be camera ready as the chance of a bird resting on your shoulder could be quite high!

Rainforestation Army Duck on a river surrounded by trees

A World War II Army DUKW at Rainforestation Nature Park

Rainforestation Nature Park

Located just outside Kuranda Village the Rainforestation Nature Park is an educational animal adventure. The Army Duck Rainforest Tour takes you on a rainforest journey on land and water in one vehicle! A World War II Army DUKW gives you a unique perspective to explore the flora and fauna of this Wet Tropics area.

The Pamagirri Aboriginal Experience demonstrates traditional dance techniques, Dreamtime walk, boomerang throwing and didgeridoo playing.

Finish your time spent at Rainforestation with the animal park, home to tree kangaroos, dingoes, koalas, pythons, reptiles and Tasmanian Devils.

Two people sitting on the green grass at the edge of a river. A white boat can be seen in the water.

Kuranda Riverboat

Kuranda Riverboat

Operating since 1982 in Kuranda Village, The Kuranda Riverboat is a relaxing way to enjoy the scenery of the Barron River and a good chance you will see a freshwater crocodile up close.  A 45 minute cruise with opportunities to encounter crocodiles, turtles, snakes, fish and tropical birds in their natural habitat. A small intimate tour with commentary from you skipper during your journey so you don’t miss anything exciting!

Have we inspired you for a Kuranda Village animal adventure?

Plan a day trip with Skyrail Rainforest Cableway where you travel just metres above the rainforest canopy and explore at the rainforest floor in #theancientrainforest of the Barron Gorge National Park where you descend into Kuranda Village for your animal adventures.

So, all you have to do now is plan which animal you would like to see the most, the Ulysses butterfly, Southern Cassowary or the freshwater crocodile?

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