Skyrail Nature Diary

Ancestors of Land Plants

This month we will be looking at the ancestors of land plants and some modern, primitive descendants that resemble them. Algae are the obvious ancestors of the land plants. The question is which ones? Thanks to DNA research, it’s now generally known that algae are a diverse... read more

Spiders at Skyrail

First time visitors to Skyrail and the Wet Tropics may be puzzled by a seeming absence of animal life. Most mammals in this region are nocturnal. Although there is an abundance of bird life, these creatures are difficult to observe in the soaring darkness of the rainforest.... read more

Plant Tropism

This month we will take a look at the ways plants interact with each other and the environment. We will examine how certain plants do the unique things they do and why. The tropical rainforest of north Queensland is known today as the world’s oldest continually surviving... read more

Unseasonal Flowering

Last month was yet another wet one at a time of year you would normally associate with the dry season in Cairns and the associated start of our tropical winter. We’re still mowing the grass! Hopefully July will bring clear skies and some sunshine. There has however been some... read more

A Later Wet Season

Murray’s Laurel flowered in small numbers along the back line last month. The tiny white flowers have a rather unpleasant odour and are borne on small panicles on top of the trees. The fruits are small black berries that are known to be eaten by cassowaries. In all likelihood... read more