Skyrail Nature Diary


Kimberley in northern Western Australia. Many local frog species have been in decline since the cane toad was introduced to the region. Pigs are another pest that was introduced by early sailors by releasing them into the wild to secure a food source for future ship wrecked... read more

Ecological succession in Barron Gorge

Ecological succession is a phenomenon which occurs after a disturbance of some sort. This disturbance can take on many forms. In the Wet Tropics, cyclones often wreak havoc on the rainforest and start the process of ecological succession. Occasionally, fires clear large areas... read more

Flowers and Seeds

August for the most part turned out to be a dry month as it normally is. Toward the end of the month we experienced some cloudy days and the occasional shower, but overall August was typically dry. September is traditionally the start of the main flowering event in the... read more

The Ancient World

The Wet Tropics contains some very primitive animals. It’s important to note that the word primitive should not be taken to mean backwards and on the way to extinction. The word primitive simply means that the animal in question, retains ancient features which have disappeared... read more

Wet Season in the Dry Season?

Mistletoes flowered surprisingly last month. The orange and red tubular flowers were however, more sparse than they usually tend to be. The fruits are small berries that contain seeds with a sticky thread on one end. When birds eat the fruits, these sticky threads make them... read more