Skyrail Nature Diary

The Skyrail Lake

Immediately after departing the Smithfield station, Skyrail guests will notice a small lake on their right. This lake, coffee-coloured, its edges decked with water lilies, was created 18 years ago during the construction of Skyrail. It supports numerous fish, turtles, aquatic... read more


This month we’ll be looking at palms. Palms have been associated with the tropics for a long time now, especially coconut palms. They are often thought of as trees but interestingly, this is not the case. Unlike ‘real’ trees which have secondary thickness growth of their... read more

Adaptations to Light

This month we will be looking at various adaptations to differing light conditions in the rainforest. There are four areas of interest here - the forest floor, the sub-canopy, the canopy and the forest edge. Plants on the forest floor are few and far between. At Red Peak the... read more

An Unusually Dry 'Wet' Season

This year the wet season appears to be late. At the moment there is a 50/50 chance there will be an El Nino event. El Nino is a high pressure system starting off the coast of Peru that ends up pushing the monsoon north so that it just misses us. In such cases most of our rain... read more

Defence Mechanisms in Plants

This month we will be looking at the various methods plants use to defend themselves against the environment, there are certainly more than enough things a plant has to be wary of. There are animals that eat their flowers, leaves, sap and bark as well as some that make their... read more