Skyrail Nature Diary

Deciduous Trees in Barron Gorge

People from temperate countries in Europe and North America are generally used to their trees being predominantly deciduous, which means that they lose all their leaves just before winter arrives. This makes sense as there is little available water, warmth and light during the... read more

When things get a bit hairy in the rainforest

Some people spend a considerable amount of time and money grooming their hair. Whether they are straightening, curling, cutting growing or removing, yet we still don’t give too much consideration to its role and occurrence in nature. As mammals, we have hair all over us, but... read more

Looking for Wildlife, from the Backyard to the Bush

One of the benefits of living or visiting the wet tropics, especially for those nature lovers amongst us, is that the whole area is abuzz with life. From the most mundane carpark to the thickest wildest jungle, there is always a chance that you could see something special.... read more

Winner of Couples Escape to Paradise in Palm Cove announced

Thank you to everyone who entered to Win a Couples Escape to Paradise in Palm Cove, Tropical North Queensland‪. The lucky winner is JESSICA KOHN - Congratulations Jess! To enter participants had to tell us in 25 words or less why they wanted to win a couples escape to... read more

Rare Sighting of Lumholtz Tree Kangaroo at Skyrail!

As many people who visited Skyrail Rainforest Cableway this Wet Season are aware, it has been mostly hot and humid here but distinctly lacking in actual rain. The forest has the buzz of life typical of the wet season, with insects like cicadas and katydids creating their own... read more